Back to Brewing again

After taking a 5 year break, I’m back to brewing.  I’ve brewed sense 1993.  Most of my brews were just hobby brews, trying things out – trying to make something with a different taste, a beer I couldn’t buy in the store.

I’m now focused on making really good beer. With focus on a couple different styles.  I’d love to ‘go pro’ someday, but now, just focused on making really good stuff.  I’m focusing on the following styles, Oatmeal Porter, West Coast Pale Ale, West Coast IPA, Red/Amber Ale, Blonde Ale, Old American Pilsner, and maybe a Wheat Beer – if I can find one that I actually like!

I’ve moved from Extract to All Grain, and from Kit to formulating my own recipes, with the help of brewtarget – wow, what a nice piece of software.  I’ll start posting some of my brews, and my equipment, what I’ve bought, what I’ve made.  Mainly, I’ll share my failures – and why I think they happened, and what has worked well for me.

Brew On!

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