BIAB Convert!

Just did my first brew in a bag (BIAB) after about 60 extract and all grain beers. WOW, I think I’m a convert – hit all our numbers, easier, less to clean, all positive on the FUN scale.


The Method: read up on Brulosophy, and ordered the same BIAB Bag they recommend – a very nice bag – should last forever and can easily handle the quantiy and weight of 5 (or even 10) gallon batches

Here is the site for the brew bag ( I also ordered the clips and gloves – glad I did)
The Brew Bag

Here is the bag, clipped into the pot

My son and I brewed up a batch of Oatmeal stout. 5 gallon batch, used Beersmith 2.0 to set it up, with the ’10G Electric Urn BIAB profile’, this profile shows 70% BH efficiency and 80% Mash Efficiency. We actually beat our numbers by a point. In fact, we got a higher overall efficiency than I’ve been getting in with my 5G water cooler mashtun.

The setup, really didn’t need the Top Tier for this one – but still very handy


The day was SUPER HOT (106*F) here in lovely Nor Cal. So we didn’t do anything to insulate the 10G stainless steel mashtun, and our pitch ended up a littler hotter than we wanted – but it dropped about 4*F over the 1 hour conversion – all starch converted. We slowly heated to 168*F, and pulled out the bag of grains. With about 13# of total grain – we didn’t need a pulley hoist – though it might have been nice. I squeezed the bag a bit while my son lifted. Then we set it in another pot, to let the grains naturally drain while we brought the wort to a boil.

aint no beer without hops

Bag O’ Grain, squeezed over the pot a bit, then into another pot to capture about 1 quart more

We poured in the remaining wort into the pot. From there, it was pretty much a standard brew day. I’d guess overall, saved maybe an hour or more from the brew time. HIt all our numbers, should be a great beer. Pitched with WLP002 that I’d harvested from a batch of ESB. 002 is a nice yeast, attenuates well, but also leaves a little sweetness behind.

into the ferment fridge

Brew On!


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