First Pilsner and JaDeD Hydra

I’ve been wanting to brew a pilsner from the beginning. Now that I have my brew fridge in place – game on! I’ve patterned the technique off of Brulosophy ( short and shoddy techniques, and the recipe is a 60’s esque American pilsner, but with all west coast hops – I try to keep all my brews ‘west coast’ in origin

My recipe:
4# Pale 2 row
4# Pale 6 row
3# Corn flakes
0.5# Victory malt
1 oz Mt. Hood – first wort
1 oz Mt. Hood – 15′
1 oz Mt. Hood – 1′
Whirlfloc 1/2 tab 15′
WLP 800 in 1L starter

I used the brew in a bag method. Brought water to 155*F (8.25G), mashed the grain ~152*F.  The grain converted in 35 minutes by iodine test – but I let it go another 20 minutes, then heated the mash to 168*F before removing my grain bag. I planned to boil for 60′, but at 45′ I had too much liquid, and too low specific gravity, so I extended to 75 minute boil.

nice boil

JaDeD Hydra wow!

I chilled the wort with my new JaDeD Hydra.  Wow, the hydra is truly amazing. I would guess I used about 20 gallons of water to cool my wort.  I captured the first 10 Gallons in two corny kegs – and used that hot water for clean up. The other 10 gallons watered the yard. Post boil wort measured out at 1.052 (vs 1.056 predicted)

trub, boy, I got trub-bles

.  I pitched the yeast starter at 6pm, and moved the glass carboy to my fermentation chamber.  I have added a 5W light to my fermentation chamber for use in the cold winter months – I had found my chamber was getting too cold while fermenting my annual holiday apple cider.  The wort was bubbling happily the next morning when I woke up.

Brew ON!